Hindkjær Law Firm - if your case is of great importance!

The law firm is situated in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, and offers legal specialist advice regarding the handling and conduct of business litigation and arbitration cases, including in particular larger and more complicated cases.

The office is established by attorney Christian Ditlev Hindkjær, an experienced lawyer, who since 2002 primarily has been involved in litigation and arbitration cases with emphasis on business and compensation law.

The law firm consists exclusively of committed and competent employees who always provide legal advice at the highest professional level.

The firm advises and assists both management, professional advisors and private individuals as well as several large and medium-sized companies, both in Denmark and abroad.

Our ambition is to run a modern and specialized law firm focusing on clients’ needs with deep professional knowledge, broad experience and an understanding of our clients’ business and specific situation. We strive to provide personal and pragmatic advice at all times on a solid and professional basis.

Our goal is to be a significant and value-creating partner for our clients in regard of the litigation and arbitration cases.

Christian Ditlev Hindkjær

Attorney (H), owner

Clients' opinion

Jesper Pape Larsen

-Director, Head of Group Legal –
Danske Commodities

Christian is an incredibly skilled strategist, who understands the importance of knowing his client’s and the counterpart’s thoughts and motives and to consider these during the preparation of the case. Christian is always available and often follows up with an email or with a call.

I have greatly appreciated the cooperation with Christian during the case, where we also used each other as sparring partners. Christian is good at listening. His convincing commitment really made me feel that I had gained an extra player on my team who could convincingly convey his (or our common) argument. He finds a good balance in his argumentation – he is tough but without being tactless and unfair.

Christian does not make things more complicated than they are and, as a person, he is very trustworthy and comfortable. Last but not least, Christian is very down to earth. I can only give Christian my best recommendations.

For Danske Commodities, Christian has primarily provided advice in connection with a case regarding ensurence of evidence. The case was originally led by another lawyer, but as the case quickly gained a considerable extent and had high complexity, I assessed that we needed a lawyer with more experience in dealing with litigation. Several of the team had previously worked with Christian, and they did not doubt that Christian would be the right lawyer to take over the case.

Christian was quick to familiarize himself with the case and to adjust and shape it because of his extensive experience and we soon felt that we had better control over the case and had a clear understandable plan for how to act strategically – we became far more comfortable with the case. Christian showed a high professional level and a very strong commitment throughout the case. In the course of the process, we were faced with several surprises from our counterpart, and Christian showed that he can also quickly adjust a plan to suit new circumstances.

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Ove Knudsen

Board member

I have experienced Christian as a very thorough and well-considered partner with not only a critical approach to things but also a strategic angle. The dialogue has also been open and straightforward to ensure that all aspects would be uncovered.